Spotluck Spotlight: St. Arnold’s Mussel Bar

Mussels, mussels, mussels and more mussels. Did we mention mussels? St. Arnold’s Mussel Bar is the place to be if you’re craving mussels deliciously prepared in multiple ways. They also have other great options, such as tasty sandwiches and mouth-watering entrees. However, let’s not forget the origin of their name :

“Every Saint needs a miracle. That’s how the Church decides you are a Saint. “Don’t drink the water, drink beer” warned Saint Arnold of Metz , concerned about the dangers of drinking impure water, while the boiled and processed water used for beer was a safer alternative.

According to the legend he ended a plague when he submerged his crucifix into a brew kettle and persuaded people to drink only beer from that “blessed” kettle. The story of the miracle kettle of beer spread and eventually Arnold was canonized by the Catholic Church for it.”

Inspired by this legendary story, the restaurant is known for their extensive beer selection.  They offer over 35 beers that will pair perfectly with your meal.  So take a spin with Spotluck, and enjoy this Cleveland Park staple!


St. Arnold’s Cleveland Park
3433 Connecticut Ave. Nw
Washington DC 20008

Mon-Thurs: Noon-2am
Fri: Noon-3am
Fri: 11am-3am
Sun: 11am-2am

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