Spotluck Bethlehem

We're happier than a kid on Christmas because Spotluck is now in the "Christmas City!" With 15 amazing local restaurants, Bethlehem is likely to "Steel" the show. Go for a spin and get a guaranteed great meal!

About Spotluck

Spotluck brings dynamic pricing to the restaurant industry, helping restaurants fill empty tables and encouraging citizens to dine local. Enjoy one spin per day to win a big discount (15-35% off), and 10% off at all other restaurants. Download the app for free in the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store for Androids & take a spin! 

Welcome Pete’s New Haven Style Apizza

Pete's pizza

For Pete’s sake, there’s FOUR Pete’s locations to save at!? That’s right! We’re welcoming Washington City Paper’s “Best Slice” to the Spotluck community. Spin the wheel in Columbia Heights, Tenleytown, Silver Spring and Clarendon and enjoy an even better price for that slice.

Pete’s New Haven is more than just your average pizza joint: they brought their thin, crunchy “New Haven style” pizza to Washington with a chef-driven menu and locally sourced ingredients. This spot is a welcome addition, whether you are looking for a spot to grab a slice and a beer, or a new spot for family dinner.

Spotluck Lynbrook

From Brooklyn to Lynbrook! Spotluck is proud to be launching our latest hub.  Take a spin and enjoy these great local restaurants:

Spotluck Scranton

There's more buzz in the "The Electric City" today!  Spotluck has officially launched in Scranton, PA!

A local resident, Mario Bevilacqua, brought the app to Scranton to help bolster the local restaurant scene & downtown community. Help us welcome this new Hub and its 19 delicious restaurants!

Android Update: Top Features

Our latest Android update is finally here! Our team worked tirelessly to load app with new features we hope you will love!  Scroll below to see our  favorite features!

1. Easy Spinning

SPINNING JUST GOT EASIER. Easy peasy lemon squeezy! We'll automatically locate your closest neighborhood. All you have to do is hit the big green spin button to unlock restaurant savings.

Your spin gives you one neighborhood Hotspot discount (up to 35% off) and dozens of Loyalty discounts (10%) for dining local. Just scroll up to see them all.

Discounts must be used on the day they are unlocked. But fear not. You can unlock new discounts every day!

2. Neighborhood Hotspots

Unlock daily Hotspots in EVERY neighborhood without using a single bonus spin.* Just swipe, switch neighborhoods and take another spin.

Spin. Swipe. Repeat (up to 93 times). Boo Yah!

3. Treasure Chest of Hotspots

Finally something to replace your old binders of Pokemon cards as your favorite collection!

See all of your big discounts (i.e. Hotspots) in one easy tab. Compare Hotspots from all the neighborhoods you spun and decide where to eat!

4. Ink-troducing: Ocho

Find Ocho the Octopus throughout the app for helpful tips. Ocho has exceptional drawing skills, and is known across the big blue sea for his ink-tellect. Ocho likes long walks on the sand and he’s on a perpetual see-food diet.

Spotluck Long Beach

The "City By The Sea" is the place to be! Long Beach, NY is the newest hub to join the Spotluck family.  Take a spin and enjoy these local restaurants right in your neighborhood!

Introducing: Spotluck Hagerstown

Did you know that Hagerstown, Maryland’s nickname is Hub City?  The reason was that all the railways and roads into the city resembled spokes of a wheel from a map view.  Today, we have another reason for you. Introducing, Spotluck Hagerstown!

Plus, grab a drink (or an appetizer) on us! Just head out to eat tonight (12/2) in Hagerstown, snap a picture of your receipt and email to ($25 max; must check in with Spotluck).

Take a spin and save at these 14 new local restaurants: